November 14, 2011

Hello all

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Not sure if anyone still reads this page since it has been a few years! But I’m back and ready to bring my brain to your computer monitors. Stay tuned, and follow me on twitter @guacamully. Exciting things are coming. Later!


March 20, 2008

Maplestory is Fin

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So I haven’t played Maplestory for a few months now, and I finally finished my 14x video. It’s funny how I can never leave this wonderful community without leaving something behind; now that the video is out I can feel alright about uninstalling the game, freeing up space on my computer by edleting all my old videos and footage, etc. I could state how much of a waste of time this game was, how I ruined my life by succumbing to the competition of Scania and Mardia, but then I think about where I’d be without the game. I mean, joining Maplestory led to joining, which led me to over 6,000 posts of pure argument. At the very least that has helped me with english essays, where my teachers have praised me for having my own voice. I’ve learned a ton about economics through the diverse market that exists in-game, and if nothing else I can thank Nexon for igniting the passion for video editing that I’ll be carrying on to other, more developed video games in the future. It’s been a long road and I can say in confidence that I’m finally turning in. Im definitely not abandoning my youtube channel or this wordpress, and perhaps I won’t be abandoning maplestory-related articles either.

Recollection of this two-year obsession has led me to ponder a variety of things, particularly the butterfly effect (didn’t see that coming did you). I was first introduced to Maplestory while on Neopets around 8th grade, because my girlfriend had convinced me to start playing (what a bitch). I was browsing a neoboard (equivalent of a forum), and I saw someone’s signature advertising maplestory and their own character. I decided to give it go. Now what strikes me is that if I would not have been on that neoboard at that exact moment, I might never have discovered this obscure game, a 2d side scrolling korean f2p MMORPG. It is insane to think about how different my life could be if I had stayed outside and shot hoops for five minutes more, completely missing the post that started me on a two-year rampage of a game no one in my town has even heard of. I encourage you all to try and remember what started you on this heroine-addiction, and how things could have been different.

March 4, 2008

On art and film theory: Empathy « G4

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On art and film theory: Empathy « G4

 It truely was an inspiring read, but I’m sure you’ve found by now that I don’t really write anything unless it’s to argue 😛 And I urge you to remember that I am not at all angry and this press has nothing to do with your critiques of my videos.

Many times I have been looked down upon for forcing myself into this perhaps pointless study, and I have often been told that I was wasting my own time.

I would never say that studying videos of any genre is a “pointless study.” Just from my own personal experience, I can say in confidence that your devotion to critiqueing has been extremely beneficial and influential to my work, that of other directors, and to your own progress as an evaluator. However,

It’s obviously not fair for them to be put under so much pressure, and for me to take nothing at all for forcing them into that position.

This gets me into the main emphasis of this response.  I believe we can agree that the origin of gaming videos has been to fulfill one goal, to flaunt skills and/or achievements within that particular game.  Regardless of how videos have evolved over time, this is the most straight-forward and influential genre of gaming videos; to show off. Negative criticism simply does not belong in the “deep dark corners of the internet” where people simply wish to reveal things about their playing style or character. Especially in a game such as Maplestory where the repetitive grind and constant self-questioning of “am I wasting my time?” exists, most people ultimately arrive at the conclusion that they want to share their hard work with the world. So my question is, should these types of videos be subject to criticism? It is almost as if you’re consulting a ten commandments of editing that might be suitable for certain genres, but definitely not all of them.

They aren’t simply passing fancies that people can use for their own inspiration and discard later–or at least they shouldn’t be.

And why shouldn’t they be? Hasn’t the purpose of gaming videos always been to invoke inspiration for others? Ever since the emergence of online gaming, where people are beginning to compete against each other from all corners of the world, there has been a need for these types of videos, inspiration for people who wish to be like those they watch. And once you watch a video, you incorporate the skills you see and discard the video later when you have reached the potential you once watched so avidly. This is a perfectly natural occurence and should not be a way of thinking looked down upon. You look for empathy and emotional stimuli in videos that have never been meant to possess those characteristics. I may be biased in this respect as I have not had the courage to venture into the emotional, epic, storyline-esque videos that many have started to produce. In fact, the entire purpose of my youtube channel was simply to show off. Although this idea contradicts your theory that all videos should display some form of meaning/empathy, it does have some validity in that not all videos are going to be thrust into your idea of an art genre. I propose that videos produced for the purpose of creating emotional responses should be judged in that respect. But if someone makes a video about their 8x bandit for example, why should they be subject to a blistering critique about how they lacked such emotional devices?

Regardless, your evaluations have certainly encouraged myself and others to realize that videos are more than just a process of gathering footage–>slapping on some music–>editing. In fact, with me having decided to quit Maplestory, I have decided to make my final video. Now, being the stubborn person that I am, I refuse to venture into another genre, and will stick with my tradition of <insert IGN> <insert lvl range> <insert class>! ( ex. Bonaire 14x Hero :] ) Simply because it’s my last video, I wish to create some sort of emotional response by utilizing flashbacks to other videos, etc., but that project is on hold for a bit.  

 My basis for this response is that you have unfortunately generalized all MSvideos to fit your style of evaluation. I’m sure you are aware of all types of video genres; take Halo 3 for example. There are the typical montages that showcase talent and skill (similar to the showing off videos in Maplestory). But there’s also machinima, which would most likely incorporate more of the styles you emphasize. The same is true for Maplestory; there are plenty of videos that have every right to be subject to your evaluation, but many times you’ve chosen the wrong ones. I believe that this is because a particular element of a video struck you as flawed, most often due to a lack of maturity or skill concerning music choice, editing, or footage, and you felt obligated to present a critique. Now, I am an avid supporter that the best posts/comments on a video should be criticism, since that’s how you progress in a forward direction, but there are things that you’ve considered flaws when there is simply no reason for them. Saying a video lacked a certain purpose when the title clearly presents a purpose (one that you may not agree with, but one nonetheless) simply does not make sense to me.

Surprisingly, there’s much to learn about how people think based on what they create, and most of my knowledge on the subject of Art/Film theory is derived from my own critical thinking about such creations (I’ve actually only taken a few high school and college film/art classes). Think about it this way: The original masters had nobody to study off of. They had no texts to derive their learning from. They only had the experiences based on the previous hundreds of years of Art, which could not possibly fulfill the dynamics of today’s film studies, which include harmonizing motion, time, and sound. They only had themselves and a brave new world before them. More important is the psychological development of critical thinking ability over time, which I believe to be one of the most important accomplishments one might achieve in their life.

Exactly. I was there when MSvideos started out. I witnessed the transition from the WMM videos where there was no editing other than the template transitions, to nowadays where pretty much everyone has sony vegas and attempts to pan/crop. This transition is evident when I see people who attempt to crop their character in a clip but make the viewing area much too small, so the video’s purpose is to show off damage but you rarely see more than half the digits of the damage. I laugh at this because, especially in my halloween video, I did the same. This only alludes to how much I’ve progressed, which makes me realize I need to give back to the video community just as you do G4, to point the youngins in the right direction. Now this by no means is me trying to portray myself as some expert at video editing, but I feel that having been here since the beginning I possess at least some form of credibility.

I’ve recently ventured into other video games in search of a more creative venue for video editing, and I’ve found that in halo3. Having browsed one of their main forums,, I came across a very interesting read that articulates all of my opinions that seem to contradict g4’s in terms of how editing should be done. The article is by QSK King, located here. For those of you too lazy to look, I’ll highlight a few main points:

Editing does not have rules. And if it does, I’m not going to follow them.”

I don’t edit to stay with the standards of what I “should” be doing when I edit. I edit for what others want to see. And the one thing I do agree with kindred is that you should try to outdo yourself each time, and make it better. He says I don’t, but I DO, just not his way (which is why he says I don’t). There isn’t a set way anyone should be editing, there isn’t a ten commandments to how editing should be.

Unless we are TOLD to edit a certain way for the person, then I see no need to. Every time my editing disappoints, I will change the way I edit to better suit who I am editing for. But if my editing is praised, then I don’t care if I followed the rules of “how I should edit”, and I will improve on my own style for the next run.

I suppose your response to this statement is that people who have absolutely zero editing experience are subject to a critique, and I agree, because otherwise they’re never going to change their game. But for many, G4 criticizes certain editing techniques simply because of his personal reactions, regardless of praise from other members of the audience. So, like stated perfectly above by QSK King, there are no ten commandments to editing, and if a certain way of editing invokes a positive response from the community, then there is simply no need for dramatic change. Please realize that this does not mean there’s no room for improvement.

Editing, like any art, is not constrained to certain principles. It is philosophical and theoretical. Constraining an art to principles will only hold it back from gaining ground. How good an editor is should be determined by if he succeeded on getting the desired reaction from those who are viewing his work. Editing is not baseball, the statistics are only opinion based, which is why some believe me to be a great editor while others believe me to not even compete in the playing field. Opinion based statistics. In editing, stats cannot be determined as fact, and they closest thing to fact when it comes to deciding whether one is a good editor is how much his viewers enjoyed his work.

That should give you something to talk about 🙂

December 26, 2007

Advertising Conflictions

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Okay, so in my post “maplestory’s progression as a game,” I referenced an animation used by nexon as an advertisement. For those of you too lazy to scroll down, here it is.

Anyway, I tasted some irony in my mouth after discovering that 2x exp cards failed to work today. For everyone. So, the advertisement says “F x-mas, play maplestory,” yet on the day of x-mas, exp cards don’t work. I’m sure everyone decided to “F x-mas” today! Yeah right, people realized they cant level without 2x cards and gave in to their families pestering them to get off the computer and have a fun-filled family day together.

And nexon’s response? Compensation in the form of a 2 day expiration extension on all cards, and maplepoints if your card expired. Cool, but more importantly, the problem will be fixed during the upcoming server check, aka a standard, non-emergency server check. So nexon’s basic thinking is this: why fix it asap when we can wait until the scheduled one? it’s only another day of regular exp.

And I , being the smart person I was, scheduled off at work on the 26th, the day after I got back from vacation. I was planning to grind hardcore, but now I get to waste quite a bit of time for minimal EXP. The thing is, not only will I not have 2x exp or 2x drop (which makes my training 4x more expensive), but no one else will be training, so I won’t have a hime channel, which means I’ll be soloing gobies, which net me an awesome 7.5%/hour. So yeah, I had planned to train 13 hours with all my fancy himes and 2x cards. If I still stuck with my plan, I’d net an amazing 97.5%, and that’s with no breaks. Maybe I WILL go sledding tomorrow. And I guess that proves I can’t lvl without 2x cards either. Meh.

December 25, 2007

12x video out!

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Finally got around to releasing this video after 3 months of maplestory hiatus (back with a vengeance now of course). I got temp-banned on for the 3rd time on the same account; I always seem to get spam warnings. I’m pretty sure the mods/admins hate me considering how I used to treat them “back in the day,” but the past is the past and you’d think they’d lern2move on (see “mardian linguistic devices). Either way, this presents a problem because now I can’t post my video in the theatre section until January 13th, which means this wordpress will be my only source of advertisement.

I started editing this video 5 days ago on the 20th, the day I began my vacation to Florida. I’ve been editing it in bits and pieces…on the plane…at 12am when I get back to the condo…on the beach, etc. It probably shouldn’t have taken me 5 days to edit, if not for repeated interruptions AND the fact that I kept re-doing EVERYTHING, sometimes deleting entire clips and going back into the game to re-fraps them, all on my crappy wireless connection that I hog from some hotel down the road. Yes, this video was quite an adventure, but hopefully I get positive results.

I decided to try a sin city theme, where everything is black and white except one color. I WANTED to distinguish a particular and different color in each clip, but since it was my first time using the secondary color collector, all I could get to appear was red. I think it actually turned out quite nicely, especially during the viking/pap/hime/gig viking scenes. But yet again, to my demise, youtube quality raped my video to bits, and it looks no where near as good as it did on winamp. I suppose this is why people post links to rapidshare or filefront, but I’m much too lazy at the moment 😛

I tried and tried to get this video down to one song and one song only, but my nature got the best of me. I suppose you can tell by my previous wordpress posts AND the length of all my other youtube videos that I don’t mind extending things as long as possible 🙂 At least by including the second song, “the red” by chevelle, viewers can relate the lyrics to the sin city theme:

They say freak,
When you’re singled out,
The red, well it filters through.
So lay down, the threat is real,
When his sight goes red again.
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again.

This change, he won’t contain,
Slip away, to clear your mind.
When asked, who made it show,
The truth, he gives in to most.

So lay down, the threat is real,
When his sight goes red again.

So lay down, the threat is real,
When his sight goes red again.
So lay down, the threat is real,
When his sight goes red again.

Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again,
Seeing red….

They say freak…
When you’re singled out.
The red, it filters through…

By the time I uploaded the video, I realized that I had forgotten to include something funny at the end, a trademark I suppose I’ve developed. I hope my viewers can forgive me…I guess I’ll have to find something extra hilarious for the next video.

Please leave comments on what you think of the video, cuz this and youtube will probably be my only outlets for “constructive” criticism.

December 24, 2007

Mardian Linguistic Devices!

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The most important, face-busting, bukkake’ing phrase of all time, ppl2pass is the 4-syllable term used to:

1.) steal maps

2.) provide an excuse to not talk

3.) not do something

How did it form?

henry: “hey alex, wanna come <a.)not take my map? b.) talk? c.) do something?”

alex: sorry, I have to allocate time to surpass others in rank

which evolved to:


ppl2pass has been successful in increasing training times by 1.4mil exp/hour. ppl2pass is chuck norris’ stepson.


lern2social is slightly less significant than ppl2pass, but still more significant than your soul. lern2social was the direct result of firaley, the hacker illeegit (spelled correctly) lolfp (see lolfp) who unfortunately broke down in e-tears after consecutive attacks on her face, social life, and utter maple retardation. after repeated statements directed at firaley that she could not zakum and get a zhelm because she was 1.) an lolfp 2.) nxless 3.) firaley 4.)retarded 5.)firaley, she responded with the following:

“no one will catch me when i fall” ./quit

The result was lern2social, a statement that now refers to any and all behavior that indicates you as a nonsocialer. People who solely play MS and lack a social life are not considered possible victims of lern2social, as long as they are pro.

oty bby

oty and bby are symbols of cuteness. even the most uncute can become cute by using oty and bby.

lolfp, lolhybrid

these terms are coined by griffinflare and hematic, respectively. all fp’s have been tarnished by griffinflare’s “proness,” as have all hybrids by hematic.

a super megaz0rd can be constructed by combining the two terms into an lolhybridfp, in which case the magician maxes magic armor rather than fire arrow, and bolt rather than poison mist. also, this lolhybridfp must use nx weapons rather than real ones, in order to attack. lolhybridfp’s are not for the faint of heart.


a term used by azns when they are particularly adept at performing a task that normally would never warrant JELISY. example:

david the azn: i’m good at singing chinese music on ventrilo and giving everyone goosebumps.

alex: you’re fucking gay

david the azn: JELIS?!?!

this term is no longer used, as all jelis azns have moved to kradia.


a term commonly used by israelis in an effort to locate other israelis, which leads to a bigger and more betterer effort to make a big israeli bacteria that locates israelis more faster and betterer, until all israelis are located.

israeli: U ISRAL?

alex: huh?

israeli: Sorry, it is hard for me to communicate with others because my first language is israeli. I’m simply trying to find other israelis to play MS with, but it’s becoming quite difficu-U ISRAL?

pull an ascends

a term only used when one buys more 2x exp cards than are physically available.


alex: hey look, there’s enough exp cards to fill 6 time slots in one day. i’ll buy 7.

alex has pulled an ascends.

wonk’d and it’s more superior counterpart, bon’d

a term used in conjunction with the ninjalike entering and exiting of a chatbox. the only way to describe such a godly mardian linguistic device is to display it in all its youtubiness glory:

December 23, 2007

Maplestory’s Progression as a Game

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Amazing how far the game has come. Starting with the beta days, when hackers roamed free and Wizet couldn’t care less about what the players wanted, to the first days of GMS, where…hackers roamed free, and Wizet couldn’t care less about what the players wanted, to the days of Nexon, a first attempt at cleansing the game. And now, here we are, only a few months after hackers have been all but vanquished, and Nexon can finally focus on what the players want. And what we wanted was 4th job. And here it is. Amazing how Nexon can be (correct me if I’m wrong) the first version to combine all of Leafre, in addition to 4th job, into a single patch, whereas other versions have taken months to release them in bits and pieces. Amazing how this comes only months after the longest stretch in Maplestory history without a single significant patch, an event that caused quite a spur of threads on for just as long. Yes, we have quite possibly finally hit the golden age of Maplestory, where we can stop worrying about what we won’t get, and anticipate what we’re about to get. A time where we can stop envying MapleSea, and start saying, “haha fobs, look at us now!”

And yet, is this new outlook on development a good thing through and through? For example, now that Nexon has finally dissolved the major problems, they have decided to reach out through advertising, in an effort to become mainstream. Take this new advertisment for example:

In short, it says, “Throw out your normal social gatherings. Play Maplestory instead.” Finally, they get to the point and become honest with their audience! Somehow I foresee my children’s children reading up on 2007 in history class, studying the event in which a certain corporation Nexon was able to successfully brainwash thousands of kids into playing a video game, which eventually lead them into an army draft, which lead to the genocide of an entire culture (african americans for example). Yes, I’m saying this type of advertising could lead to a generation of Nazis bent on the destruction of black people.

But in all honesty, is this even ethical? To say, “F X-mas, play our game instead.” To say, “ruin your social life, lvl with us.” How many lives could be affected? Certainly there will be repercussions if an entire generation is in some way obsessed with a video game. Imagine if kids in the 1980’s, now the main workforce of today’s society, had spent 14+ hours per day playing Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Space Invaders, or Pong.


My progression as a Mapler.

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Maplestory has been my life for two years. I have gone from the noob who took 2 months to get to lvl 30, to the cocky damage whore, to the sarcasm-obsessive forum poster making fun of those who play the game, to the stage that I currently occupy, one that is filled with efficiency and maintaining a high status. This transition coincided with my server switch from Scania to Mardia, allowing me to totally revolutionize my opinions of the game.

I went from the casual player who spent 10 hours a day talking and having fun, gaining a lvl every few days but more importantly enjoying the game, to the rank-obsessive player that I am now, competition being the main fuel to my game-playing engine. Ironically, I actually like this side of me better, possibly because I’m still engrossed in the glory. Maybe, in addition to the server switch, this transformation has also coincided with the introduction of 2x EXP cards, allowing me to create a schedule at which I play, and focus on efficiency to maximize the ridiculous sums of money I spend each month on this game.

Regardless, I have changed so much since my last day in Scania, that whenever I attempt to communicate with my old friends, they can barely recognize me (as if recognition were equivalent to seeing old friends at a high school reunion). I have been shattered to bits by leet speak, a result of the Mardian creation of “ppl2pass.”

At a broad level, it is interesting to observe how consistency can relate to emotion. In Scania, I had no schedules, no awareness of efficiency, no “hardcore” attributes. I simply played the game for what it was, and I had fun. Now in Mardia, having experienced all the upper echelon of players has to offer, I realize that by playing at a more extreme level, venturing away from the median of this game, more intense results occur. I begin to grapple with whether this game was a waste of time, whether or I should have more wisely spent two years. Lvl 103 crusader, lvl 108 ice mage, lvl 120 crusader. Yet I then observe how others have spent their time. Lvl 192 DK in Bera. Lvl 150+’s in MARDIA. This certainly alludes to the focus of the game: efficiency. If I had not taken breaks…if I had focused on training schedules, if I had prioritized efficiency from the get-go, where would I be in this game? Would I even have played near as long as I did? Am I capable of engrossing myself in the competitive nature of his game for two years? Or was the “fun” part, the “chilling with friends in FM” and the “mushmomming for a few hours, then going to HHG1 to lure noobs into the stone gollem pit” crucial in keeping me in contact with this game for so long?

Regardless, here I am now, rank 103 in Mardia, having already had another character in the top 25 at one point. I am amazed at the confidence I possess to breech the top ranks, a confidence which was completely nonexistant in Scania. I have come to enjoy this style of play, this change in pace. I went from VasDeferens, the guy who leveled slowly but still tried to gain fame by producing videos on youtube, the average mapler who was never really part of that pro group, to VasDef/Bonaire/Alex/big penis kid (okay I made that up), the guy who has been with Mardia since day 1 (okay day 3).

And yet, I started at day 1 on Scania as well. How strange that I can start at the beginning of each server and have such drastically different results. The obvious reason is experience, the fact that two years of MS, if nothing else, will help you learn how to play the game and become better at identifying yourself. Or maybe it’s the fact that scania has 10x more idiots than Mardia. Even if 90% of mardia is idiot.

My progression as a video editor (response to G4’s analysis of crappy MS videos in general)

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Seeing as I was inspired to start my own WordPress by none other than Goggyfour, I arrived at the conclusion that my first post/experiment should be a response to one of his posts. And, seeing as the main conflict between us was my crappy editing of maplestory videos, I decided to respond to one of HIS posts, a response to a satirical video emphasizing how poorly MS videos are made these days.

Pushing thought to the limit, until the brain becomes plastic and melts away

In this discussion I first need to return to, and explain, my roots. In the beginning, I despised usage of all professional editing tools in favor of the basic WMM for several reasons, the ideas in this video included. But most importantly, directors forget that visual glamor means nothing if there’s no idea behind it (what I’m saying is that a lens flare or two doesn’t amount to an amazing movie, to say nothing of a logical movie). My ideas about professional software were eventually changed by MapleKishu, but even he began his career on WMM. Even so, I continue to discourage effects that aren’t tuned to a purpose. As our thinking abilities develop, we may easily associate purpose with anything, and even bring harmony to chaos, but when usage of devices like transition elements are used to the point that a video becomes worse than it would be without them, it’s easier to say that these things should be removed.

While this quotation ignited some passion within me that made me want to get my thoughts out about the topic in detail, I warn that it will eventually lead to tangents about my progression as a video editor.

I was once told that all videos in the realm of gaming consists of three main elements: music, editing, and gameplay. Each are equally important, and when one overshadows the other, the result is a “crappy video.” To create a masterpiece, you must be able to blend the three into one cohesive unit. This is where I tend to both agree and disagree with g4.

I have seen video after video (including my own at times) where one element is completely undermined by another. The director somehow believes that when someone clicks play, he will get over the fact that it’s a lvl 30 mage killing slimes, because the colors are inverted and the pan/crop is used more than a ginseng at himes without a priest. I myself have had these problems when producing videos, most exempliied here and here. Although I did change the pace and present a unifying theme throughout, in those cases, the setting, I did so purely as a way to throw out videos and test my editing. While I now become repulsed at how poorly I had utilized special effects, transitions, and the like, I still refuse to take the videos down, as they are a timeline of my progression as an editor.

Regardless of what many may think, I have come a long way. As a sidenote, it is interesting to observe just how my videos have progressed. My first video, located here, was a huge hit. Yet it was unable to satisfy all three elements of a video. While the gameplay and music were both positively commented upon, the editing was minimal. I realized that this video was posted back when maplestory videos were in their infancy, and even a WMM video could be considered “amazing.” I have noticed G4 and his quest at discovering videos that lack editing but can still appeal based on music and gameplay, but I must comment on the validity of this sort of venture. Does it make sense to throw out a crucial component of videos, simply because a mass amount of editors utilized it more than was needed? Should editing not be considered an important part of video-making, simply because one too many kids had crap gameplay and crap music, covering it up with editing like makeup on a 60-year-old? The answer is no. In fact, music, gameplay, and editing are so equal in importance and magnitude, a WMM video with no editing but great gameplay and music should be JUST as criticized as a video with amazing editing and gameplay, but no music at all, which in retrospective, should be JUST as criticized as a video with amazing editing and a snazzy song, but gameplay of a lvl 6 beginner whacking snails for the maximum 10 mins allotted for youtube videos (of course by then he’d be lvl 7 and the video would be that much better).

But back to my progression as an editor. Overall, people loved “VasDeferens-9x Crusader”, and to this day it stands as my inspiration to continue editing. In addition, 140 subscribers can agree that it started the legacy of me making videos about my characters and their damage, a common theme amongst today’s MS editors.

I basked in the glory of positive comments I recieved for a few months, until disaster struck. A halloween-themed movie contest, publicized by none other than Realizing I must step it up a notch if I were to win, I decided to venture into the editing territory, to experiment with panning, cropping, syncing, zooming, special effects, more intense transitions, etc. This second video presented a lot of firsts for me: my first attempt at using editing effects not available in windows movie maker, my first attempt at syncing music, and my first attempt at unifying an entire video under one common theme. This is also the video that introduced my trademark of playing clips backwards at normal speed, then repeating the same clip forwards at a faster rate of speed, separated by a change in music. While I received second place in the Halloween contest, it wasn’t until later that I realized how many seizures I could have caused with the panning and cropping. This alludes to just how ignorant that audience would be compared to the audience a year later. Back then, using Sony Vegas even as amateur as I did in “VasDeferens-Halloween Special,” produced mass fame. Yet now, those effects are the bare minimum, and would yield 2-3 stars at max.

Either way, I again basked in the glory of positive comments. People even heralded the “backwards-forwards” bain scene as “that clip” similar to shookon3’s “that clip” in Fragging Rights at 0:48, for you halo enthusiasts. I feel conceited and cocky to compare to that amazing of a video, but that’s the best I can do with a 2d sidescrolling korean MMORPG 😛

From there, I ventured even further into the editing world. I took more time on my 10x video, careful to reduce the seizure-inducing editing that my previous video had exemplified. I was very proud of this video, combining a well-liked song with clean editing and great gameplay. And by my definiton, maplestory gameplay will always refer to damage, but this opinion varies greatly depending on the type of movies one is making. I have gotten into it a bit with G4 about this particular dilemma; he has often criticized me of lacking a central theme, instead displaying nothing but random killing and showing off. Yet I have always argued that these types of videos are as valid as any other, and should be treated as such.

Regardless, my leveling speed could not keep up with my passion for making videos, so I was forced to discontinue my “VasDeferens-<insert lvl here> Crusader” videos. Attempting to heed G4’s advice, I attempted to create themes as excuses for videos, in which I released two videos, concerning patch contents. One, project excavation, concerned the new maps released, but was more importantly a chance for me to fiddle with new editing techniques. Unfortunately, this video, similarly to my one featuring aqua road, was released prematurely (it shouldn’t have been released at all!) and for some reason I eagerly wanted to hear the comments from people rather than realize that it was nothing more than a typical VasDeferens seizure-fest.

The first way comes through trial and error, which includes what Red is saying, in that directors must start somewhere, and even if their videos are bad, at least they learned something from the experience.

This fully and completely expresses my progression as an editor. Although inadvertently, all of my videos have been trial and error, leading to what I consider the golden age of my career on youtube, starting with my Mardian ice mage video. I have come to the point where I don’t worry about how clean my editing is; I am finally confident that my editing will not cause seizures, motion sickness, or any other common ailments that I know at least one person has experienced (hope you have PeptoBismol G4!) .My main goal now is to again emphasize the three elements of music, editing and gameplay, in as creative a way as possible, and that’s something I’ll continue to work on, whether it be solely within MS videos, or even if I move onto other games (halo 3 is definitely looking good).

Granted, my videos are not MMV’s, emotional diaries, or dramatic boss battles. They are videos showing off what I have accomplished in a game, and in my opinion, playing this shitty of a game for over two years should grant me some permission to show off what I’ve done.

Finally rectifying my thoughts that I’ve been unable to express directly to G4 after he so rudely stopped stalking my video threads at, I can go on to comment on his analysis of LordKatz “amazing” video. I laughed at many parts of this video, especially when realizing how many satirical comments could relate to my past works. Summing up this revelation is the fact that I used the same Linkin Park song in one of my videos that LordKatz used to make fun of general MS video music.

There are times when I simply cannot think anymore and my brain feels as if it’s melting. This is one of those times. Of course I cannot contain these battles that constantly rage in my head, and I must write them down, but the image is fleeting. I cannot see. Anymore.

My brain too feels as if it’s melting, though for different, and utterly less deep reasons. At this moment, I realize that I’ve written quite a few pages of tangential spam, all of which relates only minutely to the topic I had set out to write about. Maybe this is a bad strategy, as I hope to gain respect as a wordpresser and have probably created a variety of impressions based on this first post, but hey, I’m on vacation in the Florida Keys, and talking about myself while hogging a hotel’s unsecured 54.0 mbps wifi connection is as good as it gets. Hopefully my future posts will have more fluency and organization. Until then, VasDef out.